Atelier for Hope Paintings, biblical - religious painting by Fenna Moehn Hummel Doetinchem The Netherlands

Christian and Artist Fenna Moehn - Hummel

"Idea is the Art. Technique serves that."

My favorite place to work is my studio at home! I find rest between the brushes and papers and I can study and experiment undisturbed, giving shape to all the ideas in my head.
Through self-study, courses and training, I have been building my experience in painting and other techniques for several years and I have also been studying the beautiful link between visual/creative work and its influence on tour psyche.

Since 2008 I have been sharing my work & passions under the name Atelier for Hope. I have an open heart for people who, for whatever reason, have a harder time in life. In 2016 I did a training to coach others to find peace and balance in their lives. I like to study myself, ate home, an I always keep schooling to do my work in a professsional way.  In 2018 I myself was confronted with a difficult period in my life that made my desire to help other woman even stronger, now partly form my own experience

Counseling at Atelier for Hope
In my spacious studio are different workplaces but also a comfortable corner where I enjoy listening and have conversations with other women. In this way my atelier is not only a place of peace for myself but also for the people who visit my studio. If needed, I help (young) women on their way through the beautiful combinatin of counseling and creativity. With the help of practical tips and personal assignments, they can experience that they are loved & known, most of all by their Creator God. 

Christian art, Biblical paintings.
Many of my paintings are inspired by my life with God , Christian faith and the Bible.  They are not just an picture by a text or story but it tells what touches my heart. For me each painting is, besides the search of a technical proper display, a proces of different emotions.  The sacrifice that Jesus gave us is so valuable and yet so incomprehensible that I could barely contain it. He changed my life and my future en that I like to share with other people!

Every painting, is a conversation with God, in wonder of His beautiful creation and His great love for all people. Despite a struggling for a good display of my thougths sometimes, so every painting is a joyful worhship!

By the desire to use my creative gift like a precious talent given by God, I started projects in Atelier for Hope. Read more.