Atelier for Hope Paintings, biblical - religious painting by Fenna Moehn Hummel Doetinchem The Netherlands

Christian and Artist Fenna Moehn - Hummel

"Idea is the Art. Technique serves that."

Since a few years my creative ability is developping by reading books and watching other paintings but most of all: by painting!!  My paintings are telling my way of looking and what fascinates me. The same time a finished painting can have a different meaning in the eyes of the viewer. For me the greatest challenge is to make paintings that touches the viewer.

Many of my paintings are inspired by my life with God , Christian faith and the Bible.  They are not just an picture by a text or story but it tells what touches my heart. For me each painting is,  besides the search of a technical proper display, a proces of different emotions.  The sacrifice that Jesus gave us is so valuable and yet so incomprehensible that I could barely contain it. He changed my life and my future en that I like to share with other people!

Every painting, is a conversation with God, in wonder of His beautiful creation and His great love for all people. Despite a struggling for a good display of my thougths sometimes, so every painting is a joyful worhship!

By the desire to use my creative gift like a precious talent given by God, I started projects in Atelier for Hope. Take a look by Projects to see what Atelier for Hope means for other people.