Atelier for Hope Paintings, biblical - religious painting by Fenna Moehn Hummel Doetinchem The Netherlands

Creative counseling/coaching: Loved and Known.

For women and teenage girls.
One of the most important basic needs of every person is to be seen and heard, to know and feel you are loved and known. Yet many women and young girls sometimes feel alone and not always understood. Life around you rages on, expectations are high, everyone is busy, many people listen only superficially and most of the time only a few continue to ask about what really moves and affects you.

Personal creative counseling for women and teenage girls.

At Atelier for Hope many women and teenage girls find a place of peace and hope: a listening ear, the right question at the right time, a word of wisdom and encouraging and practical tips for life.  You can share your story, experiences and questions and learn to listen to your emotions and your heart. You are valuable and in this counseling you can learn to feel and act like that! The power of counseling at Atelier for Hope is not only in the conversations and refelction, but also in the creative processing. You can see that as creating&learning (partly due to the creative activities you learn about yourself: what is inside of you? what moves and what influence you and how can you give difficult things a place in your life.)

At Atelier for Hope I will listen to you and help you as a coach and artist. The conversations you have with me and the creative processing are and accessible way of coaching. I am not a therapist or psychologist but over the years I have trained myself through study and practice in counseling in combination with creativity.

Even more important is that my heart is open to help other women and I believe God will be there and make a difference!

You can contact me for:

♥ Processing - dealing with loss, help with feelings of insecurity or inferiority, help with feelings of fear or sadness, gving place to illness, loneliness, anger, processing or ginving words to difficult things that are going on in your life.

♥ Growing - in self-confidence, trust, sense of purpose, faith, questions about suffering, lost faith, receiving Gods forgiveness, building a stronger identity as a believer, seeking wisdom, seeking direction.

♥ To Relax - share your story and process it creatively or have a contructive conversation, and give that a twist in a creative way.

♥ E-Coaching -  all of the above  can also be offerd as E-coaching by email and app or skype.

Introduction and counseling

Do you recognize yourself in what you read above?  Feel free for an initial consultation! This interview takes about 45-60 minutes and is free of charge. This convseration is and introduction but at the same time a valuable conversation from which you can decide whether you want to meet once or more.  If a follow-up appointment is agreed after this first meeting, a rate will be charged for next meetings. These costs depend on the choices made for that new appointment.

Indication of prices:
One-time conversation. approx 50 minutes: € 30
Half-day conversation/creative processing: € 45 and possibly an extra contribution in case of special material costs for the creative processing.

Most material costs for creative processing are included in the prices.

The costs for E-coaching depend on the frequency of contact.

Feel free to contact us, there is always a way to help you!