Atelier for Hope Paintings, biblical - religious painting by Fenna Moehn Hummel Doetinchem The Netherlands

Commisions - Commisioned paintings

Fenna paints every year several paintings for private cliënts or companies, both general paintings as biblical paintings.

The commands are common results from the desire for a special and personal gift  or a special painting for themselfs.

Also the significant art miniature paintings are often requested in command.

The prices depends on the chosen topic and the size of the painting, but are definitely affordable.  Request a free quote for a painting to your liking. 

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Take a look at the Gallery for a part of my completed assignments.

Bible verse Painting in commision Eternal Light by Dutch Christian artist Fenna Moehn Hummel Biblical commisioned painting The invitation from Jesus Christ by Dutch Christian artist Fenna moehn Hummel Painting by bible verse, commisioned paintings. Isayah 41 verse 10 Don't fear. Atelier for Hope Netherlands Painting in commision, by memory of a loved person. Atelier for Hope Commisioned painting of dutch landscape. Atelier for Hope Doetinchem Bibleverse painting the Source. Christian Art, biblical paintings by dutch christian artist Fenna Moehn Hummel Christian paintings & biblical art in commision painted by Fenna Moehn Hummel dutch artist  Commisioned painting by bible, for a wedding. In the hand of God