Atelier for Hope Paintings, biblical - religious painting by Fenna Moehn Hummel Doetinchem The Netherlands

Commisions - Commisioned paintings

Over the years, Fenna has built up great experience in working out commisions for private clients or companies. Many large paintings or miniatures on commision, both general and biblical paintings, were created out of, for example, the desire for a special and personal painting or gift,  at a wedding, an anniversary or else.

Below is a selection of the many paintings on commision. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

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Bible verse Painting in commision Eternal Light by Dutch Christian artist Fenna Moehn Hummel Biblical commisioned painting The invitation from Jesus Christ by Dutch Christian artist Fenna moehn Hummel Painting by bible verse, commisioned paintings. Isayah 41 verse 10 Don't fear. Atelier for Hope Netherlands Painting in commision, by memory of a loved person. Atelier for Hope Commisioned painting of dutch landscape. Atelier for Hope Doetinchem Bibleverse painting the Source. Christian Art, biblical paintings by dutch christian artist Fenna Moehn Hummel Christian paintings & biblical art in commision painted by Fenna Moehn Hummel dutch artist Commisioned painting by bible, for a wedding. In the hand of God Painting sparrows Matthew 6 atelier for Hope Doetinchem Painting the way, Hadarech, psalm 32 Atelier for Hope Sparrows in Nest, painting Atelier for Hope the Netherlands Painting sparrows with breadbowl Atelier for Hope Fenna Moehn Painting this is your home, about Jesus carrying the died prematurely Painting Flying with broken wings, painting in commission Atelier for Hope Painting about the wedding in kana, Jesus turning water in wine Atelier for Hope Miniature painting donkey Atelier for Hope Doetinchem Painting Share the Light with Love biblical art in commision Atelier for Hope Painting sparrow at the fountain Atelier for Hope Doetinchem Biblical art in commision. Revelation I will be there! Atelier for Hope Fenna Moehn Biblical painting living like the sparrows Atelier for Hope Fenna Moehn biblical painting Psalm 23 I will lead you to the waters,Atelier for Hope Doetinchem Painting in the hand of the potter Atelier for Hope Doetinchem Painting worship with all my heart Atelier for Hope Fenna Moehn Hummel Doetinchem painting living in freedom, biblical painting Atelier for Hope Painting look at the sparrows Atelier for Hope biblical paintingsDoetinchem painting, even the sparrow will find a home, a nest Biblical paintings Atelier for Hope Doetinchem schilderij in opdracht